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Last Updated: 06/03/2014 17:13:42

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TR Action 272

GL Rob Cringle says: “Goodwood TR group’s record turnout Christmas Bash at the Tollgate in Bramber went down a treat thanks to Les and Jane Thacker. The champagne prizes research was carefully carried out by Richard and Nicola Kennet. I think we will definitely need a bigger room next year! Normally I would include a gallery picture of our Christmas bash; however a certain person forgot to take his camera so it is all in the memories folks!

However, I am delighted to include a local landmark picture taken by Phil Starling deep within the glades in dryer times!

We are due to combat South Downs TR group at a return Skittles match on Sunday 16th March at the Bull Inn, Henfield ~ futher details will be at our Meet and again in our area Newsletter/s. Lunch option is usually taken up as the Bull Inn does home made pizzas of the very tasty kind.

There has been considerable interest in Le Mans Classic this year from our area and it seems that Hotel spaces are nearly all taken so if you wish to know more do please come to our next Meet or, as a last resort use email!

GWTR was created from an off shoot of Wessex group in days long gone by and in those days the monthly Meetings for GWTR were held Emsworth way but over time, migrated east to Eartham where our group have been for many years now. That is set to change with a move further westwards to the new venue pub at Lavington. This offers a closer venue to all those of our area members who live near the Portsmouth and Hampshire areas, and is also closer to Chichester: Royal Oak, West Lavington, Midhurst, GU29 0EP. Located on the A286 Midhurst to Chichester Road, 1.7 miles South from the mini-roundabout where the A272 meets the A286. Location map at: www.royaloakmidhurst.co.uk/royal-oak-midhurst-west-sussex-map.php. The Royal Oak has a great car park, has a restaurant and has ample room inside for our gatherings and folks, it is very easy to navigate to.

Our next Meets there will be 18th March and 15th April which are the third Tuesday of the month. See you there!

My preferred contact is by email at: cringle@waitrose.com  and we currently have 73 area members on our GWTR email list  ~ please do update me with your new email address if you change it. Ignition On.”

TR Action 271

“Autumn’s rich colours are gracing the leafy lanes of West Sussex at this time of the year before the light descends into dusk - many a Tr roar is heard around here!

Many great picture entries of local TRs for our GWTR 2014 calendar this year. The frontispiece honour went to Steve and Fay Young with their black TR4A, taken by Phil Starling during a late summer GWTR jolly into the deep countryside. Many thanks to Phil for checking out all the final pictures for us. We don’t hang about when we see a good thing for we sold out of all our Calendar stock inside ten days.

To continue with the theme: this issue’s galleried picture is entitled “Autumn Treasure” as it is John and Chris Wills’ TR5 being patiently restored in true TR traditions! Goodwood TR bods hold treasured TRs of all models in all types of condition… including my TR6.

At our November meet, we welcomed new members Dave and Shirly Beck and Chris Harvel, both owning a TR6. They did not do too badly with our motoring quiz either!

GWTR are NOT meeting at the George on the 17th December as we will be at the Old Tollgate, Bramber near Shoreham for our Xmas dinner bash with our beloved ladies gracing this grand occasion. However: PLEASE NOTE all those not on our active email list: OUR  MEETING PUB IS ABOUT TO CHANGE. So if I do not have an opportunity to re-advise Social Scene readers before, our first 2014 Meet will be on Tuesday 21st January at the Royal Oak, GU29 0EP, (tel: 01730 817 478), situated just two miles south of the A272 on the A286 Midhurst to Chichester road; they do decent food! Map can be found at: www.royaloakmidhurst.co.uk/royal-oak-midhurst-west-sussex-map.php.

The Royal Oak has a splendid car park and will be an ideal summer venue. We hope that this new location goes some way to encouraging all GWTR area members living in the Portsmouth and East Hants area to also become regulars and join in the laughter at our meets ~ you are hereby invited!

As usual, our free to access local newsletter is available on our website, so will I be the first to wish all a sunny crisp merry TR Yuletide and join us at the Royal Oak.
Ignition on all TR Treasures!

TR Action 270

Here in West Sussex we are blessed with some very fine examples of early TRs and we now also have two early former publicity TR3As. One is owned by David Farrer Brown - originally white and now red; and the red TR3a of Roy Parmenter illustrated in Bill Piggott’s tome on the early TRs.

However for the GWTR galleried picture we have chosen a TR4A, with long standing TR Reg member Peter Serna, who started the restoration and now it has been taken over and is in the skilful hands of Richard Serna for the last part of its journey back to the road. GWTR bods do get down to it, with great results.

At the time of writing GWTR chaps are organizing to visit the Wessex TR group for Ian Cornish’s chat on Racing TR4s ~ should be quite an invasion methinks.

Another record turnout on our October meeting made it a bit of squash in the ‘Snug’ of our local meet-up venue pub in Eartham. It is being refurbished next week and so we will meet at the George Inn for Tuesday 19th November. We are uncertain of the amount of facilities we will find, so the change-over to the Royal Oak is a very real possibility next year. I say that because of course the GWTR 17th December meeting is allocated to the GWTR Xmas bash and for this we will be moving away from Arundel to the Tollgate at Bramber, just north of Shoreham.

Our competition pictures for the 2014 GWTR Calendar are being sent in now ~ hurry time really is running out! So send me your TR picture before we do the selection!

For any more information on what is going on in West Sussex do contact us by email please: cringle@waitrose.com or by phone on 01903 242 226. Ignition off... for now.