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Last Updated: 02/02/2015 16:55:07

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TR Action 279

GL Robin Cringle writes: “In 2104, we were saddened to lose former Group Leader Steve Whiteley from Goodwood as he was intent on emigrating to Kent. His excellent, well published, ‘COV’ TR6 will no doubt grace Kent Group next year. We wish him well and hopefully will meet up on Drive it Day next year if not before.

Glorious September is now well past and it has been a question of many a GWTR owner withdrawing the TR away from the near constant rain  and damp, setting the potential scene for that summer delayed  overhaul  and service , a time for flushing out the radiator and recharging with fresh antifreeze - the Bluecol type of course!

But within the serried ranks of GWTR bods there are those that have been beavering away in the classic tradition of bringing back their beast back to life all year round. Richard and Peter Serna completed the family’s TR4A’s four year restoration with brilliant results. Richard later went on to rebuild the gearbox with parts coming from all over TR Register land. Mike Newton experienced a series of more than niggling overdrive gearbox problems on his TR4A over the summer but is ploughing on for next year’s Laon trip. John Wills will be keeping warm with welding up his beloved TR5 - just a couple of hours a day does work wonders. John Saunders is reviving the barn wreck of a TR3 in the same way. Moving on with saving the TR, Peter Wright decided to bite the steering wheel and have his long owned, stored since youth, TR4 restored by a well known Suffolk Triumph outfit and is about to get active ‘TR wheels’  at last!

Robin went part way down a similar track letting Protek work their honed experience on his TR6 body shell and chassis and to neatly round things off - in came his TR6 off the transporter, all shiny in the wet and with a winter’s work ahead of refitting in his newly restored garage! Rob Squire found it was a good thing he stripped down his CR TR6 engine this year and word has it that he has put in some go faster upgrades!

Perhaps the enthusiasts medal should go to Paul Russell whose TR4A repairs included offside re-wings, re-spray and re-gear box this year and after a dramatic front wheel bearing melt-down on the way to the Classic Le Mans weekend, Paul rebuilt the knackered parts there and then.

No matter how you look at it, GRTR bods simply have the practical experience and knowledge to help any TR owner and many a solution is found at our group social Meets for those in need.

Our group TR calendar is available from me on: cringle@waitrose.com or 01903 242 226 while stocks last folks!

To keep in touch with or join Goodwood Group just send us you email address / telephone number. Ignition on in the Spring!

TR Action 277

Philip Starling says:
“In July, our monthly meet at The Royal Oak saw numbers bolstered by the arrival of delegations from neighbouring Windsor Forest and South Downs Groups. For what turned out to be an epic meeting, there were 22 TRs and a TVR in the car park and over 30 persons attending for the quiz (but I suspect they were more interested in the beer than the quiz). Assembled in groups of four, Robin’s questions favoured those of a mathematical persuasion and it was a GWTR team that romped ahead to take the spoils with an unprecedented score of 12/25…but believe me, the fifth member was of no use whatsoever and the laptop was not even turned on, honest!

Robin and Len have been busy updating the club’s database and coaxing new and dormant members to join the ranks at The Royal Oak. We have welcomed three new faces at the last two meetings; Bob and Cheryl with their immaculate TR6 and TR4; and Trevor with his much-loved TR6. We now have a fair few TR6s in regular attendance; if you have a sidescreen or Michelotti car please come along and help balance the numbers!

Sunday lunch at The Anglesea Arms, Halnaker was a great success. A thunderstorm the previous night had left the pub with no means to accept card payments so, never one to miss an opportunity, Pauline set up an impromptu Bureau de Change, to convert unspent Euros from Le Mans. Under blue skies we dined alfresco and, somewhat unexpectedly, a local jazz band struck up providing musical accompaniment to our meal. Good food, good company and good times.

The first Sunday in August saw the Breakfast Club ‘Thoroughbred Sunday’ at the Goodwood Motor Circuit. Amongst the hundreds of classics lined up on the track and in the paddocks you could spot Rod’s immaculate blue TR2, Richard’s beautifully restored TR4A and Dave’s lovely TR6…how many more did I miss?

In other news: Rob’s persistence has diagnosed a faulty metering unit in his TR6, now back on the road for autumnal runs; I have new oil seals, stemming the flow of diff oil to brake drums and can stop efficiently again and Len’s ignition switch survives another day thanks to Rob’s neat trick involving the application of KY Jelly (although it is possible that I just imagined the last one).

We now have a Flickr page to catalogue recent events at www.flickr.com/photos/126062305@N05/sets/ contact Robin or Phil if you would like to add your own images.

Coming up we have Hot Hatch Sunday, 5 October. The GWTR Xmas bash will be held at The Old Tollgate restaurant in Bramber, on Tuesday 16 December, if you have not yet seen an email from Robin give him a shout to avoid disappointment. Don't forget the 2015 calendar competition; we still need pics of your TRs out and about.

Our regular monthly meets are at The Royal Oak, West Lavington, Midhurst GU20 0EP, every third Tuesday from 7.30pm. A warm welcome is always assured.

TR Action 276

Phil Starling reports:
“The Longest Day this year saw the largest collection of classic cars at the Storrington Village Day, Triumphs were very much in evidence with GWTR well represented by Ian's lovely red TR5, Rod's immaculate blue TR2 and Steve and Jim's black and red TR4As. Various other classic marques were on display, ranging from an unrestored 1926 Model T Ford to a 200 mph 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish "S".

The GWTR June meet welcomed four new members; Dave with his TR3, Tony and his TR4 and Jim and Lisa with their lovely TR6.

Brooklands Museum hosted the Standard Triumph Day, a wonderful event with Triumphs of all shapes and sizes on display. GWTR showed a TR2, two TR4As and a Dolly Sprint. The opportunity to drive Test Hill could not be missed and provided one of the many highlights when, to the delight of the crowd, Pete spun the wheels of his green TR2 and shot off up the hill in a cloud of tyre smoke. Hooligan!

Our GWTR European weekender is now becoming an annual event, and the Classic Le Mans is sure to become a firm favourite. But with a collapsed wheel bearing, Paul's TR4 was in big trouble and, after much deliberation, we unanimously agreed to do the only decent thing, and proceed without him! Thanks to Darren at Hall & Hall for his time and expertise, and to the local restorers (whose name I do not know) for helping with the reassembly.  Curiously, the organisers would not allow Paul to do track laps in his hired Renault Kangoo van, so he settled for being chauffeured around in Rog's TVR, a decision almost rued by Rog when he was nearly rear-ended at Arnage. [Sorry Rog!]

In other news, Robin's newly restored TR6 bod is finally wombling its way home; Mike's rebuilt gearbox is ready for transplant; and I am spending far less on DOT4 now that I have a new clutch slave cylinder.

Coming up we have Sunday lunch at The Anglesey Arms, Halnaker, 20 July; Goodwood TRR/Revington Sprint, 2 August; Thoroughbred Sunday, 3 August and Hot Hatch Sunday, 5 October. Don't forget the 2015 calendar competition, we need some pics of your TRs out and about - or even on axle stands in the car park.

Our regular monthly meets are at The Royal Oak, West Lavington, Midhurst GU20 0EP, every third Tuesday from 7.30pm. A warm welcome is always assured.”